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Odd Training Implements

Guest Rhayes

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Guest Rhayes

I had some ideas for changing up my training. I have a couple of trailer house axles that measure in at 3" thickness and was using them for 1 handed DL's. I'm not sure of the weights yet but at 3" they give a good workout. With them being so long, they can be a bear to balance as well. Also, I've been using some round garden tractor wheel weights for pinch gripping. I think that they would be a good trainer for the Blob if you do not have access to any York's. Just thought I'd share. Anybody have other around the house odd implements? Thanks

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If you've ever read the book, Mastery Of Hand Strength (required reading on this forum)... lots of ideas for grip training. Also, look around your house! Here's one for wrist strength: pick up a chair by the bottom leg and hold it out as if it were still on the ground! Good for wrists. Have you tried using sandbags? Go to a local army/navy surplus store, find a good sized duffel bag then go to someplace like Home Depot and fill you bag up with sand! Be sure to put some empty clean trash bags in first because you don't want your sand to leak out of the bag. Then LIFT!! Lift it in all sorts of positions; this not only works your grip, but all over if you've made your sandbag heavy enough.

Just a few ideas... I'm sure some of the guys here have many more ideas to give to ya! :D

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