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Care And Maintenance Of The Spring Grippers

Clay Edgin

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After seeing the pics of broken grippers, I'd like to do whatever I can to prevent that from happening. Obviously, the best way to keep the grippers from breaking is to NOT squeeze them, but that ain't happening anytime soon :)

So what do you use to keep the spring clean? I figure WD40 would work well.

Your thoughts?

BTW, I love this friggin board. I'm addicted. If it wasn't for the fact my hands hurt so much, I'd run out right now and go train them some more...

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Stick with the wd- 40, it works great.


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I think that any gripper can break without warning at any time. Oil or WD-40 will not prevent that. Gripper springs are not failing because of rust. The longer you use it the sooner it's going to break. As the Irish would say.

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Adhere to the advice from IronMind: treat the grippers just like you would a loaded barbell, with RESPECT! BTW, best way to oil it - a dab of WD-40 on an old toothbrush and slowly work it into the springs. Don't get any on the handle. WD-40 is a penatrating oil so it's perfect for the grippers.

Also... don't forget to talk to your grippers everyday! Tell them that YOU are getting stronger and that THEY are getting weaker! :blink Trust me - this works. :rolleyes;)

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I like using a product named "Liquid Wrench". It is a silicone

based product as opposed to a petroleum based. It has no odor

and actually penetrates the steel wire.

One thing though, do not bother with treating a chrome plated


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