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message to david Horne


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David you enclosed a note with my last issue of iron grip requesting my surname. Well it's jones I know laugh away but yes it's tom jones.

Location -  Alderholt, hampshire.

By the way, another excellent addition of the mag. Really do enjoy reading it.

Tom - you now know the rest.

p.s. Just so this post is not completly boring I have a question for you. On the one handed deadlift on an olympic bar is the straddle position the position of choice or do you perform the lift in the same basic position as a regular 2 handed deadlift.

(Edited by vikingpower at 8:15 pm on June 27, 2001)

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Firstly, woody thanks for making me laugh.

I've seen a few lift with the bar at the front, but on whole most people straddle it. The great Herman Goerner lifted the bar at the front.


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Over the years I have tried this lift several times, and it feels much easier to me with the bar out in front deadlift style. I find that the straddle lift becomes far too difficult to balance and is easily lost either forwards or backwards (usually forwards, as I have a tendency to straddle lift heavy dumbells with the front of the rod pointing down). When using the deadlift style one hand lift the bar seems to balance natuarally - in fact I don't ever remember losing one because of balance problems, whereas I have lost several straddle lifts.

Chris McCarthy  

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Keep with the style that seems to work. I bombed out of the first ever grip champs on the one hand deadlift, on a warm up weight! The bar just kept tipping. When you lift the bar at the front the bar is steadied on your thighs at the finish of the lift, this is probably what helps stabilize it. But I would still prefer to lift using the straddle style.


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Thanks for reply david, never realised goerner lifted the bar at the front of body. Makes you realise what an amazing lift this was.  


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