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Wt And 24k Gold Plated Grippers.


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Hello All

If anyone is interested in a WT Gripper,Robert will make one and only one batch of these,there will 50 made in total and they will be as follows

The 1st one will have WT on 1 handle and the number#1 on the other,the 2nd will have WT on one handle and the number#2 on the other,all the way up to number 50.

There will only ever be 50 made,no matter how much people ask,Robert gives his assurance that there will only ever be 50 made.

The 1st 50 people to email me not Robert will be put down for one in the order of first come number 1,2nd number 2 etc.

I repeat do not email Robert,as i will be keeping the names and numbers of people in a book.

They will cost $95 each ,the handles are made of solid chromium steel not plated.

People will only be aloud to purchase 2 no more.

The 24KARAT Gold Gripper,i am taking orders for now,these are Brass handled grippers,then the whole gripper is 24Karat Gold Plated,

If there is enough interest,Robert will make these in 3 weeks time,Email me not Robert to go on the list,these will cost $65 each.

Dont leave it to long,you nows ya want one :D

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Somebody in the US of A has got my,the only WT on the planet so far.

It is going to the AOBS with this person,Robert has said that he will give any 2 RB Grippers EXCEPT the WT and 24K Gold ones,they will also be engraved with the persons name.>>>>To who ever can shut the WT in a chest crush or useing 2 hands between the legs.

This offer will only be to the 1st to accomplish this,also a photo or video is required of the 2 handles touching.

That should wqet a few appetites :D

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Anyone who is capable of getting the WT to parallel in any way with there arms has got my utmost respect. I think my groin would snap before closing that gripper between my legs!

L. J.

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ANYBODY that is interested in a WT gripper limited edition or a

24Karat Gold plated gripper,should email Robert Baraban on>>>>>>>


He will start makeing them immediately.THANKS.....GAZZA.................

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Could everybody that is interested in either a WT or Gold plated gripper,please email me at once with there order,i did have all the orders but,my house was recently burgled and stuff was taken including a book with all my RB Gripper info in it,i did have some backed up on

emails etc,i dont want to miss anyone out,so if you could please email me on hgnasher@aol.com I can then make a copy of this and forward your request onto ROBERT,this way there are then 2 copies for future reference.

Also please leave me your email adress and not your pm adress.

Anyone wanting a Gold plated gripper please specify the spring IP

160,210,240,260,300,or 330ip.

These will be ready 4WEEKS from NOW!!!

IMPORTANT.....Due to the State of the $US Dollar against the Euro,Robert has had to up his shipping charges,but the grippers stay the same.

It will now cost to ship grippers:=

1-2 grippers=$20

3 grippers=$30

4 grippers= $40

5 grippers=$50

6 grippers=$55

If any body would like the above please email me your request,together with your EMAIL adress and i will then give you Roberts adress and also forward your email to Robert as well as keep a copy myself.

Thanks to all :bow .....GAZZA.........................................................

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