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I would like to know all the ins and outs of setting up and running a contest. I have an idea but I hope those that have first hand knowledge will share it for myself and anyone else that is interested.

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I think he means the practical side of setting things up rather than sanctioning. I know this has been discussed before but I don't think it's pinned. it might not even be it's own thread.

chris rice has good input. andrew p and eric roussen might have some perspective having just finished KK.

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I can do a write up sometime this week after I get the NAGS scores in. It took me about 6 hours last year to get them all in so I'll likely spread it out over the week.

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Yes, the practical considerations of running a comp.

You could also check the NAGS site and send each contest promoter listed there a quick message asking for their feedback. The only problem with the NAGS list is that it would be hard to find everyone that has promoted a contest (or more) because some of us aren't holding contests anymore. I was for some reason never on that list, even when I was holding a contest or two...but the ones that actually made it on there will be able to help much more than I could anyway.

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I know there is a thread where I wrote up my thoughts - actually a couple different times - one time was somewhat of a rant - but still accurate. I'll look around but I'm terrible at finding old posts.

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I had at one point seen a few threads about it but I cant find them with the search feature. I am not computer savy though.

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Things I’ve picked while running contest. I would say step one is decide if you want the contest events to be sanctioned for records or not. When we did MGC having most of the events unsanctioned allowed the contest to run a lot faster and in some ways easier. If you go down the road of sanctioning you need to pick the events and follow the sanctioning process. Make sure all you plates are weighed on a postal scale this is one of the hardest points of setting up a contest. Remember all pins, implements and collars also need to be weighed.

Random Tips I’ve picked up.

  • Make loading charts for the implements and paint your plates. I picked this idea up from Andrew Durniat and it makes loading the day of the contest run a lot simpler. I can send an example of my chart.
  • Write up the contest entry form in advance. The clearer the better.
  • Advertise the contest on Facebook and the GripBoard. Also there is nothing wrong with emailing specific people to tell them about the contest.
  • Get help. You’re going to be hard pressed to keep the contest moving, judge, record scores, and compete yourself. The only way I get away with it is my wife records the scores and normally Dave Thornton will judge for me while I get a quick warm-up in. Even still don’t expect to hit your best number your head will be running a mile a minute.
  • Have the waver ready for when people arrive to sign. I hate having to do this but its better safe than sorry.
  • Make sure everyone knows how the contest will be scored. % or strongman. For the top guys the way it’s scored will change the way they pick their lifts.
  • Always plan on having someone show up exactly 2 hours before weigh in. If someone’s been cutting there hungry and want to get it over with fast.
  • Attend other contests if you can.
  • Keep the events moving, it’s easy for it to turn into a sit around talking all day thing.
  • Have backup plan’s. Equipment can break it’s always good to have an extra event in your back pocket just in case.

It’s a lot of work but in the end it’s worth it.

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