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Atomik Climbing Holds Pull-up Bomb Review


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Hope everyone has been doing well!

This will be a short review of their "missiles" and large "pipe bomb". The missiles are cone shaped with a 3.5" base and 1 1/8" top. The texture is a typical climbing hold material that feels like rough sandpaper in the hand. Obviously, very easy at the top and still pretty easy at the bottom due to the shape. I've tried "hubbing" them from the bottom with horrible results :) I've worked up to singles at the bottom w/two fingers and a thumb. I enjoy them as the individual hands allow natural rotation of the arms and shoulders, which keeps the aches and pains down, as I tend to overdue stuff w/volume. You can really feel the work in the bicep, near the elbow as you rotate to the top - very similar to rope climbing. I suggested to the owner that he give an upside down option for an anvil simulator. He's a real nice guy and is open to ideas on future products. He even sent me a free set of pinch holds for a climbing wall with my last order.

I've only had the large pipe bomb for a few hours now and its, by far, my favorite. A solid 3.5" diameter pipe made of the same material as the missiles. I've got fairly long hands (~8.5") and as you can see from the photo I dont even come close to touching. I was able to get 10 good pullups, maybe one or two more sloppy ones. My hands and arms felt awesome afterwards. The nice thing about the texture is it allows me to get a good pullup workout with some grip too. With all of the metal products I have from Sorinex and Rogue (3-4" balls, dogbone, etc), I tend to lose my grip before I get the pullups I want - not a bad thing if grip is mostly what you want. The cool thing about the large pipe bomb as even big handed peeps gotta squeeze too!

I'm definately going to try a few more of their products - the 3" diameter xxl donut will probably be it :) Pretty awesome tool to hang and climb over (seems like anyway).

Here's a link to the pullup tools they make - http://www.atomikclimbingholds.com/bombs

A few photos:




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Looks cool, and it's nice that the owner is approachable. :)

If you want holds that absorb sweat you can always go DIY with wood.

You might even know someone with a lathe who could make some balls...

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Cancrusher - I agree, a lot of these grip/strength/etc tools are expensive, but Atomik is right in line, or cheaper, than the other suppliers like Rogue, Sorinex, Ironmind, etc.

Honk - I do have a good buddy with a lathe, but I simply dont have the time to devote to projects like that right now. Plus, the time we spend on projects like this ends up costing me way more than simply purchasing something (not nearly as cool though). Here's a set of indian clubs we made a few years back (a pair and a big two hander).


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Lol, theyre a little rougher than they look. It was a cool project though - we bought hardwood lumber, straightened everything out, glued them together in a big block, then turned them down.

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Those look really cool. The XXL Cannon Ball seems pretty neat.

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This looks good ive always wanted something like this but just too pricey for a pull up device.

I copied something that Ross Enamait did. I drilled a hole in two softballs and installed an eye-bolt and that taxes the grip. Plus with the size of the ball you can change the hand position as well.

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