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Guest quartz

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Guest quartz

Hi All,

Got a question concerning grip and issues that maybe?!? some of you have encountered. Are any of you aware of any medical conditions with grip strength? Over the last few years, I've noticed that I simply can't grip things early in the morning or even after work. For example, last night at the gym I was doing trapezius shurgs with 75 pounds. I can lift the weight fine, but I simply couldn't grip the dumbbell. Oddly, my right hand was fine and was able to grip the weight so I could pick it up. My left hand couldn't get a firm grip on the dumbbell at all...

Any experience something like this? And will grip strengthening help?


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Guest MikeTheBear

I'm not a doctor or anything, but I've read stuff about grip-strength issues because of an injury I have, so here is my $ 0.02:

The best case scenario:

Grip strength demands a lot from your central nervous system (CNS). So the problem with not being able to grip in the morning/after work is simply that you're tired, and your CNS just is not in the "mood" for heavy lifting. If you have no grip problems during the day when you are alert, then this is the likely cause.

As for your left hand just "not being able to grip," this might be due to a strength imbalance in your dominant and non-dominant hand.

The worst case:

Your not being able to grip in the morning/after work could be due to some carpal tunnel problems.

Your weakness in the left hand could be due to an injury to one of the discs in your neck that is putting pressure on the nerve roots leading to your left hand. This is what I currently have and it sucks.

But don't worry about the worst case yet - monitor your situation, and if it doesn't improve, seek medical advice.

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Guest gripmaster316
As for your left hand just "not being able to grip," this might be due to a strength imbalance in your dominant and non-dominant hand.

I agree. If you are right handed, then it should mean your grip in that hand should be better. Think of a gripper. If right handed people trained with a gripper with both hands, usually the right closes first. And with time the left.

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Guest quartz

The CMS not being in the mood...oh yeah. That's exactly what it feels like...its really frustrating when you can't life a dumbbell because it keep slipping out of your fingers...

Well, I do have some developing symptoms of carpal tunnel, but its mostly in my right hand. I have been doing a lot to decrease the effects, like using a trackball mouse, wrist pads, and other ergo stuff.

As for the dominant issue, it did cross my mind. But, I blew it off because I couldn't fathom that MUCH of a dominance by my right hand over my left....

Based on all of your comments, I think I will try some of the grip stregtheners you guys use here...hopefully it will help both the grip issue and maybe even carpel tunnel?!?!


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Can someone explain what carpal tunnel is?

The Carpal Tunnel is the opening at the bottom of the wrist

where the Median Nerve passes through.

The Median nerve controls your thumb, index, middle finger and

1/2 of the ring finger

Excessive pressure on the Median nerve gives what the medicos

describe as "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Here's my bastardized definition of carpal tunnel. First the old anatomy lesson. There's a hole in your wrist bones that the nerves and tendons travel through to the hand. Now, due to some kindof inflammatory/irritation of the tendons the nerves get compressed and you start getting the symptoms..muscle weakness (apparantly some people get it up their whole arm and not just the hand) numbing and tingling, etc.


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Allow me to clarify a bit on your definition. The wrist bones are

situated on the dorsal or top of the hand. The Median Nerve

(commonly called the carpal tunnel nerve) enters the hand on the

palm side. It is entertwined with the Flexor Tendons and passes

underneath the Transverse carpal ligament.

It is the inflamation of the ligament and flexor tendons that puts

pressure on the median nerve. A key point is, if you experience

tingling and numbness in your hands and fingers except the pinky

finger, most likely you could be developing carpal tunnel syndrome

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After freaking out about carpal tunnel syndrome last year... the "which fingers are numb" question is important. I've had problems with my fingers going numb a couple of times over the years, from climbing, lifting, etc.

If you're thumb, 1st, 2nd, and HALF of your 3rd finger go numb, the nerve being pinched is in your wrist, i.e. carpal tunnel.

If the other half (pinky-side) of your 3rd finger and you're pinky finger go numb, its the ulna nerve (?I think that's the name?) in your elbow that's being pinched.

I've had both problems at various times :(

(Oh, and rest plus lots of finger extensions fixed up my carpal tunnel problems)

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