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Quick "how To" For Video Taping A Mashmonster Cert

Bill Piche

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Thanks to John McCarter!

When attempting a certification upon the Mash Monster ladder, many things can affect the outcome of the final result you are going after: lighting, angle, camera settings, shaking of the hand. Taking into consideration of these factors, you should note the little steps that bring the greatest effort you wish to succeed with. Practice closing grippers on camera until you get to the point of doing everything on a subconscious level without having to think of what you’re doing. Below are a few pointers to take into consideration.
To get good at filming grippers, you should first note where you are standing at. If you are standing away from the camera, close the gripper and bring it closer, this could mean a loss of strength within a couple of seconds and it begins to open. I find it best to stand by, or behind, the tripod, by having my hand as close as possible.
The second factor to keep in mind is the distance of the hand. I’ve always kept my hand nearly 4-6 inches from the camera, I feel this is very important; as it allows one to fully see where the position of the handles and stamp of the gripper are in full view.
Camera settings are very important, I would suggest attempting to get the highest quality attainable when possible: 720 or 1080 HD when you are attempting a video close to document a gripper close.
Lighting can affect the way other’s will see your video, you may have closed the gripper but the light could make it difficult to be 100% certain. Attempt to find a place where there is enough light to highlight the gripper. Make sure that it’s not too bright as that can be a disadvantage for you. Sunlight is a good option but can also make things are to see if you use chalk, combine it with natural shading and the light outside.
The angle of the hand can affect the total outcome. This could be for many reasons: shaking, the relation of the hand and camera, shadows upon the gripper.
See the photos attached.




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