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French Grip Comp

the swiss

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The comp was a success. Despite the strikes in France, the terrible weather forecast, there were 8 of us, and the rain didn't show up too much.

for the results, what we did was give a ranking for each event and the general ranking was given by the sum of the rankings of the 5 events.

General Ranking

1. D Hurzeler

2. Kowok

3. A. Macaire

4. J. Varnava

5ex. E. Detoisien

5ex. JM Olive

7. Pos

8. F. Proudhon

In detail


1. D Hurzeler 2 different #3 both hands

2. A. Macaire #2 both hands

3ex Kowok filed down #1 both hands

3ex J Varnava

3ex E Detoisien

6. Pos filed down #1 right and #1 left

7ex. F. Proudhon filed down #1 right and T left

7ex. JM Olive

to note: Amaury was pretty close on my #3. I tried two of

his #3. closed one. the other one was WAY harder (I was about 8mm from closing it!?!)

One or two others (JMO for instance) were very close with #2. A little more technique and it's there for sure.

two hands pinch (kilos):

1. DH 80

2. Kowok 75

3. AM 70

4ex. JV 67

4ex. ED 67

6. JMO 65

7. Pos 55

8. FP 30

weights do not include pinch apparatus (~3kg)

Impressive performance by Kowok, who had never pinched before. This guy also bent the blue nail, with little training. Very naturally strong guy.


1ex AM Ironmind blue nail

1ex DH

1ex Kowok

4 ex JMO 6,5 * 180 mm

4ex Pos

6ex JV

6ex ED

8 FP 5,5*140

the blue nails were bent easily. we didn't try to cut them down, instead tried to bend a 7.5*180mm. we only kinked it, so we stayed with this result.

thick bar DL to knee height (forearm not allowed to touch plates).

1 DH 65R 55L

2 AM 55R 45L

3ex Kowok 49R 49L

3ex ED

5 JMO 49R 47L

6ex JV 45R 47L

6ex Pos 47R 45L

8 FP 43R 43L

I don't know the exact size of the bar (Amaury can surely help).

What we basically did was start from 40kg and add more and more weight. More or less, everyone tried the weights as long as they could still lift. So, many tried all in all.

this event really FRIED my forearms (first time for me). I am now really motivated to try and make myself one. Fresh I think Amaury could probably have got 60kg. With a little training, I'm also confident I can reach the 70-75 range.



2 DH

3 JV

4 Kowok

5 FP

6 Pos

7 ED

8 AM

Here, because of the equipment limitations, we used 52kg dumbbells and walked for distance (not time). So it really was an endurance test. Also, order (here chosen randomly) really played a role. Kowok, for instance, could really have done better IMO.

I hope the comp will make some of these guys want to train their grip more. Some really good potentials IMO.

Great comp, we had a really good time.

for those who have never tried it, COMPETE.

it's such a great motivation.


some pics: (more to come later)


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Yes, very nice competition. Looks like you all had a great time!

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Sounds like you all had a realy great time and made some new grip friends,which is always cool.Anyway well done to everyone. :bow

David(SWISS)Please pm or email me on hgnasher@aol.com

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Nice job!

David, were the 7.5mm X 180mm actual nails or round bar? That's an interesting dimension of steel.....sure would love to try some :whistel

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yes it was great meeting up!

the thick bar was the 2.5' ironmind knurled device.

terminator those were actual nails. hard ones.

from what I have tried, they are seemingly made of harder steel than the IM blue nails. I have never tried a red nail, so I don't know how they compare. my best with these ones is a 8mm kink, so maybe I'm not too far off. you'd probably play with them though.


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Well done... Looks like a nice competition ! :rock

PS. I like your T-Shirt ( I'm Norwegian ;) ).

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I don't know the exact size of the bar (Amaury can surely help).

It was indeed a 2.5" handle from Ironmind. ;)

David has been very impressive all through the comp, so was Kowok.

I'll have to work on my left hand's endurance :ohmy:D

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Looked like a great competition and you were able to do the events outside which I imagine makes it a more enjoyable experience. Way to go guys!!!


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Sounds like it was a great contest

congrats to all.


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Correction, the nails we tried were actually 7mm thick, not 7.5mm. quite hard anyway.

Paul, the idea came when Amaury and I decided to meet. We quickly decided to organize a small comp, and decided on some events. Fabrice Proudhon then helped a lot with the final arrangements.


ps: the pic page has been updated.

pps: Amaury, I was really suprised that you didn't come in second. You really need to train your left hand, hadn't it been for your result on the farmers walk, you'd have made it easy!!

ppps: Kowok has some real talent. 75kg on the pinch apparatus with what looked like bad technique...

plus some great bending (the only event where he seemingly made some kind of effort!). But Jerome/Jean-Marc are not far behind and looked motivated!

looking forwad to next time!

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