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Today I bent my first 60p nail in the basement. I was pretty excited and took one upstairs to show the wife. I bent one again. That is my best bent and I pulled it off twice! Up to now my best bend was a 40p nail.

It wasn't the strictist form. I start Slim Style and then I rotate the nail in my grip to start a push/pull type of motion. The whole bend was with my hands and forearms away from my body.

I'm pretty psyched. I didn't plan on getting this until I tackled te #3; however, I'm not upset. :D

I need to maintain this and work on a strict Slim Style bend. I also gotta go to Home Depot and buy a ton of 60p nails to practice on. Damn. :D


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Maybe your wife can take a few pics of your bending style for the rest of us to enjoy! Congrats on your progress... I'll be making a trip to Home Depot tomorrow to look at some nails, since I want to get into nail bending myself. :tongue

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I have cut off the head and point from 60D nails in an effort to avoid them digging into my palms, but this reduced the length to around 5 1/2''. I believe that 60D nails are harder to bend than an Ironmind blue. I only try nailbending about once every 2 weeks. I am not hooked on it. I enjoyed it back in High School and used to impress the other kids. Nails are made of harder metal than they were back in the day.

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I'll see what she can do, she's the computer guru of the household.


Wrap that nail up in a hand towel, or do it the way Tommy does: cut an Ace bandage in half and fold up each half. It makes a good hand pad.

Let it be known, I am not saying in any way I am good at bending. Even a blind squirell finds a nut in the forest once in a while. I got 2 60p's today. I tried a 40p later and I didn't finish the bend. My hands have had enough for now.


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Nice job on the 60 :rock I still have the first 30 you tried at my house.

I'll give it to ya when I see ya again.

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