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Ctd Questions.


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My maxing out is less than a week away and Im aiming for 90kg on the RT.

If I manhandle 90kg Im thinking I should try the CTD and get it on video.

Questions are as follows;

1. Do I have to lift/close the implements in a Sertain order?

2. How long Do I have to Do it all?

3. If I go RT first, can I chalk up before coc2 smashing and hubbing?

4. Should I weigh the implements on my bathroom scale efter lifting?

Thats it for now.

Maybe I'll come up with more dumb questions in a day or two.


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1) you pick the order.

2) there is a 3 minute time limit

3) yes

4) you can do this for your own records, but you cannot cert on video. You need an official referee.


There is a grey box in the lower left of that page that has all this info and a link to the referee request.

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Yeah, I know about the ref and official certing.

Thats why I'll never cert ironminds certs, all the hazzle and money.

I prefer GHPs certs and MM cause I can Do them on video at home.

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I don't believe it costs any money to do an ironmind cert. In fact you gain a gripper for example in the CoC cert. I got a free t shirt + milo magazine for the CTD cert and it was free.

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I just figure, c2d pulled is pulled, at home or not :)

I did the same with my red nail. Bent one on video in 18 seconds.

Bent is bent, dun care about getting my name on the list really :)

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