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Thickbar Question

Jared Goguen

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So I found a piece of steel pipe in the pile at my shop that has a 1.9" OD and its 8 feet long so since its free I want to use this for my first thick bar, and for collars since I don't have a welder I was thinking on just cutting it down to 7' and then drilling some hole in it and putting some grade8 bolts through it for collars so plates won't slide around.

The only downside is that the pipe was painted black, and now the black paint is chipping off and the pipe has surface rust in those areas.

So my question is should I use it as is? strip the paint and remove the rust and leave it bare steel? or do that and take it to the shop down the street that advertises 'Powder Coating - No job to small!' and get the bar coated?


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In all honesty the finish should not add or detract from the natural tactile feel of the steel. My first thick bar ,a solid shaft is brown patina covered. It never red rusts and feels good. We paint our present bars just for looks and as per most customers requests. If It didn't bother you .....leave it bare.

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