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Nice Session And New Pr.


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Set my new PR tonight but took a while. This is the bar that stopped me 8 days ago so I'm stoked to bend this thing. This is the 3/8 CRS that cal'd at 470 pounds which is 35 pounds better than my previous PR. Went heavy early then worked my way back down to get a good workout in. So happy with this bend that I even freshened up it's paint job after the bend was done. Got some good volume in today and the pics show the high points.

Top row:

#470 3/8 by 8 3/8.

23/64 by 8 1/32.

11/32 by 7 11/16

21/64 by 7 11/32

41/128 (.319) by 7 3/16

Second row:

#415 5/16 by 7 inch

19/64 by 6.75 inch

9/32 by 6.5 inch

17/64 by 6.25 inch

Not shown 1/4 by 6 incher

JH #400 G5


The details of the rest are in my training thread.

Now to mention my failures for the night. I had initially tried the #530 3/8 by 8 3/8 inch but that was a no-go. I quit after a minute or so and went for the #470.

After the 23/64 by 8 incher I tried my mutant 11/32 at 7.5 inches but I was pretty cooked by this time so I quit after a 10 degree bend. Couldn't have gotten it anyway after all the other bends.

So now all I have to do to cert on the gold nail is improve by 140 pounds, cut my time by about 3000% and use much thinner and more painful wraps. Sounds easy huh? Well, as daunting as a task as it seems, I'm closer this workout then I've ever been so I'm heading in the right direction.

Didn't video anything today but besides, it would have a been a practical miniseries on youtube. The PR bend was probably 30 minutes or so but I could never finish it at all before so for me, it's a PR and a good workout. What took so long was between 90 degrees and getting it in position for the crush. That's my weakeast area right now.

My next major goal will be the #530 3/8 inch.




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You're making great progress. Congrats. That steel is no joke at all. But what worries me is wrestling with this bar for 30mins. That may be slowing progress. Do you think it's possible you are overtraining? Have you tried kinking one night, sweeping the next and crushing the next day then resting for a day or two? So you work the same piece or pieces three separate days. This way only certain parts of your body gets burnt out and not all of it.

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Thanks EJ. I'll take a few days off and typically I recover extremely fast. I get fatigued during a long session like this but I actually kept on bending a lot of 60ds and other stuff after this pic and it felt good.

I'll keep that in mind to try sometime.

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Thanks guys. I guess you could say I've worked up to this kind of volume - I've been bending since 05 or 06 even though I retired from doing heavy duty stuff for a few years. Probably pretty decent genetics for this kind of stuff as well.

Thanks guys.

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