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That Was Weird: 405 Lb Double Overhand Rack Pull From The Knees


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I haven't been training to do that. I have been training my upper back and lats in order to get better at deadlifting and as a consequence, have been training almost exclusively with straps. So needless to say, I was taken by surprise.

Today, I skipped the full deadlift and went straight to rack pulls. On a whim, I decided to do my warm up set double overhand to see how far i'd get. When I got to 405 (which I have only lift from the ground mixed-grip, with straps, and one really lucky time with a hook grip), I fully expected to fail and have to grab the straps.

Not only did I not fail, but it did not feel particular hard.

Looking back at my log, I blame three things:

1. In lifting, I feel like grip strength is directly proportional to Lat and upper back strength (If you can't hold the weight with those bigger muscles, your brain cuts your ability to hold the weight period).

2. I just started training one hand rows again (Matt Croc had a similar observation)

3. I am now training my wrist extensors dynamically (the Carpi extensor Ulnaris plays a key role in grip strength)

A fourth possible reason:

4. I have been training my upper chest to bring it up to speed with my shoulders and lower chest, and it might be helping to stabilize my humerus, which creates a sturdier base from which to grip the bar.

Any similar experiences?

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Not sure why man. Some days things just click. I love rack pulls though!

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Heck yeah dude!!! Rack pulls are awesome!!! One of my favorite exercises for sure.

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Nice observations man... I know Durniat has built tremendous strength with 2" rows... Keep up the good work and stay curious

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Easy to drag against the thighs on rack pulls.

Grip strength could have just gone up from peripheral exercises.

I've noticed that my double overhand isn't super consistent... I've seen waver by a hundred pounds or so due to things that I may not have even noticed.

Doesn't matter just keep getting stronger and keep up the good work!

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