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Levering And Finger Opening


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When I lever, am I supposed to keep the entire handle crushed flat against my thumb/pinky pads or should the fingers on one side be allowed to open up a bit to get more range?

For example, in this picture of Jedd you can see the pinky/ring fingers open up a bit and there's a gap between his pinky pad and the handle. So it looks like the thumb pad/web is acting as a point fulcrum rather than the entire hand.


I find that doing this is the only way I can get the bar even remotely horizontal. I can get like 1/5 of the range if I don't open the fingers. My issue with this, though, is the whole exercise essentially feels like a gripper crush with emphasis on the pinky/ring fingers, and I don't feel much in my wrist muscles. Is that how it's supposed to feel or am I doing something wrong?

I feel like I get a better wrist muscle workout when I do sledge front/rear raises (arm straight down), though I'm still wondering if I should be using finger opening on these or super strict with keeping the handle crushed against both sides of the palm pad.

As a side question, is it ok for front/rear raises to be my main levering work rather than overhead levering, or should I be doing closer to half and half in terms of volume? Is overhead levering more of a once in a while feat or more of a regular staple exercise for you? I see videos of the overhead lever much more often probably because it looks more impressive, but I'm curious how much you do of each style in day to day training.

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Brother, never EVER [you hear?] open fingers on sledge to the forehead. Grip the handle tight as f*** through the whole motion. Tight grip tightens your thumb web. If you allow the handle to hang on the web it will tear, I promise you.
Also put the forearm on some bar, set higher than your shoulder. Rememer, maximum tension is when handle is parallel to the floor. I found resonable in this exercise lowering to about 30 deg to horizont.

Here is how I do it:

Rear and front are much more effecient for developing ulnar/radial deviations. But levering to forehead puts more pressure on radial part of wrist joint, that is good for tightening wrists for reverse.

Hope this helps, stay safe
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