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First Championship In St. Petersburg On «silverbullet»-prize Fund 1400


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First Championship in St. Petersburg on «SilverBullet»-Prize fund 500 000 rub = 14000$.


Translate of google - there are inaccuracies.

on the first Championship
City of St. Petersburg on «SilverBullet»
1. Aims and objectives:
- Campaigning to bring to conducting a healthy way of life for all ;
- Implementation of the Programme of Nicholas Witkiewicz - General Secretary of the WAA, the development of additional sports disciplines included in armlifting ;
- A world record for men and women of Russian records ;
- Promoting sports discipline «SilverBullet» among all populations , it does not require significant financial investments and giving the maximum effect of the restoration and development of health.
2 . Conditions of the competition :
1. Competitions are held in the open category for both men and women , without weighing the participants solely on the equipment of international standard characteristic of this kind of sports . While men use expander CoC № 3 women - CoC № 1 and specialized disk weighing 2.5 kg.
2 . All participants compete standing , except for wheelchair users - they are allowed to perform the exercise sitting down.
3 . On the exercise is given three attempts , one of which is the maximum result in the standings. Unsuccessful attempt to not deprive a competitor of the right to a subsequent attempt .
4 . All commands during exercise , served only in English .
5 . Within one minute after the call to the platform , the participant should begin the exercise . Immediately after the party ascended the dais , the referee report includes a timer time. If the participant did not have time to do the exercise after one minute , the referee counts him an unsuccessful attempt .
6. Number of competitors limited to 120 participants, which is the ultimate limit , according to pre- apply for participation in the competition .
7. Starter or other fees for competitors are completely absent.
8.Sudeystvo , the use of sports facilities and the equipment is only free on a charitable basis .
3 . Filing of applications :
1. Due to the limited number of tough competitors , receiving entries is set to 120 people , regardless of their sports status. In order to confirm qualifications , accepted only videozayavki on which athlete demonstrates how to perform this exercise for at least 10 seconds on the original certified equipment , which should clearly fall into the frame . Performing exercises on analogies and similarities not seen , so can not be considered submitted. Upon successful confirmation of the application , an e-mail the person who filed the request , it sends the acknowledgment of its inclusion in the number of competitors , followed by the exact address of the place of the event . This measure is necessary to correct for the selection of premises in accordance with the number of registered participants.
[P] 2 . Applications are accepted at : http://vk.com/id226291278. [/ P]
4 . Time and venue of the competition :
1. Competitions are held in the city of St. Petersburg -based sports clubs kumite May 23, 2014 from 8-00 hours to 13-00 hours to the address indicated on the e-mail the person who submitted the application and registered accordingly. On the results of the competition will be announced in the Russian media .
5.Sudeystvo competitions:
1.General judging competitions carried judge one category Powerlifting Shatalin Dmitry Borisovich .
2 . Chief Secretary of the competition - Judge Elena Efimova sport .
6. Financial expenses and rewarding participants :
1. All financial costs associated with travel, food, housing borne by the participants of the competition. An exception is the athlete who set a world record during the competition ( for men) and the record of Russia ( women ) . Them from the reserve funds sponsors reimbursed all financial costs associated with participation in competitions , excluding special cash prize for the set
2 . All competitors , regardless of the ranking will be awarded diplomas and prizes.
3 . Prize fund 500 000 divided as follows between the winners and the winners of the competition : 350,000 rubles are allocated among the three winners in men and 150 000 - the three winners in women. Special prizes for the possible establishment of records prescribed personally sponsors and amounts are not limited .
4 . Winners will additionally receive exclusive diplomas and medals. Special prize for " Will to Win " is awarded to the competitor , regardless of the place occupied by them and display the results according to the maximum number of votes for the applicant on the basis of open voting by competitors . As a contender for this prize can expose yourself to any competitor or recommend any person from among the competitors . To this project relies additional prize , the amount of which is established by sponsors without restrictions and can greatly exceed the total prize fund . Sponsors of the competition are also entitled to assert any of its nomination at its sole discretion , without limitation prize money , while they are at liberty to publicly voice as prize money and handing them privately , without advertising , personally competitor .
7. Pravilavypolneniya CoCSilverBullet
[P] The IronMind ® CoC Silver Bullet Challenge: World Record Attempt Rules [/ P] [P] 1. A genuine IronMind Captains of Crush ® No. 3 * gripper must be used. [/ P] [P] 2 . The gripper must be new, in an unbroken package and opened on the spot. [/ P] [P] 3 . A genuine IronMind CoC Silver Bullet must be used, with 2.5 kg of weight hanging from the silver bullet strap and this weight may take the form of either an IWF or IPF certified / recognized (calibrated) plate or some other weight that has been demonstrated to be no less than 2.50 kg on a certified or otherwise demonstrably accurate scale. [/ P] [P] 4 . The CoC Silver Bullet is inserted by the competitor no deeper than up to the top edge of the clear band, so that the script Captains of Crush ® is legible, and so that all four fingers are in contact with the CoC gripper handle (dropping the pinky completely off the end of the gripper handle is expressly prohibited). [/ P] [P] 5 . Using one or two hands, the competitor closes the CoC No. 3 in his own time so that the two handles hold the CoC Silver Bullet in place and once this position has been achieved, and only one hand is holding the gripper shut, the referee gives the signal to start the clock. If the competitor fails to get a secure hold on the CoC Silver Bullet, he is allowed one chance to reset it. [/ P] [P] 6. The hand must be held with the gripper approximately vertical. [/ P] [P] 7. Time stops when the Silver Bullet drops from the handles or when the referee observes any opening of the gripper handle for any reason whatsoever. [/ P] [P] * IronMind has welcomed women to the event as well, with the rules being identical to those followed by the men, except that a CoC No. 2 must be used, rather than a CoC No. 3 . [/ P] [P]
Terms of attempts to establish a world record IronMindCoCSilverBullet
1 should be used only genuine expander IronMindCaptainsofCrush № 3 .
2 Expander must be new in the sealed package, which opens on the spot.
3 PodlinnayaIronMindCoCSilverBullet ( Silver Bullet ) should be used with a 2.5 kg weight , fixed hanging from silver bullet belt and this weight may be in the form of certified \ recognized ( calibrated plates) with IWFili IPF or the same certified or otherwise accurately confirmed weight, but not less than 2.50 kg.
4 CoCSilverBullet fixed applicant is not deeper than the upper edge of the strip smooth as exercise performance with expanders CaptainsofCrush requires extreme accuracy, and so that all four fingers in contact with the gripping handles Expander ( pinky completely omitted from the end of the handle Expander is strictly prohibited ) .
5 Using one or both arms , the participant closes CoC number 3 in due time so that both handles hold CoC SilverBullet in place and after this position is reached , and only one hand holds the gripper in the initial position , the referee gives the signal to the report time . If a participant is unable to make a secure fit on the CoC SilverBullet, it is yet another attempt to replicate on its own.
6 In the course of the exercise arm with expanders should be approximately vertical.
7 Time stops when the CoC SilverBullet falls out pens expander or when the judge sees any opening gripper handles for any reason. ] IronMind welcomes the participation of women in the competition rules identical to men , except that should be used CoC number 2 instead of CoC number 3 .
Information from Shatalina : On -site participation stopped accepting applications on May 3 in connection with a set of 120 participants . But actually, thanks Ageev , I decided to continue accepting applications for part-time participation on the same conditions .
On the distance involved accepting applications up to 21 questions correctly maya.Po videozayavki design that will actually be videovystupleniem latching results contact Ageev Sergei .
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$14,000 in prize money for a Silver Bullet contest? WOW!!!!

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$14,000 in prize money for a Silver Bullet contest? WOW!!!!

Yeah, this is insane. Impressive though.

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Is this a contest of just one event, the Silver Bullet Hold?

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^I think so.

If they in fact receive 120 competitors, each of whom has demonstrated that they can at least do a 10-second silver bullet hold, I'm willing to bet a new world record will be set.

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Dear gentlemens, some people tried to contact the organizer to find out - whether or not such a big prize fund.

Unfortunately, the organizer did not respond to any one call, from what I personally came to the conclusion that this is a false tournament.

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