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How Do You Split Up Your Grip/wrist Training

Jörg Keilbach

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I currently work my crush grip, pinch grip and support grip on mo. and th. and my forearms and wrists on tu. and fr.. I am still a beginer. would it be better to combine them all together and work just twice a week?

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I choose a couple of things and train it hard for 2-3 months and then I switch exercises.

Right now Im training rolling thunder, hub and plate pinch.

A few weeks ago I trained euro pinch hard.

I know a master who trains something like:

day1: Grippers

Day2: wrist and thickbar

Day3: pinch

With restdays in between day 1 2 and 3.

He trains day 1 every 10 days, same for day 2 and 3. Every tenth day.

Hope you understand what I mean. :)

Only you know what works for you.

Try it out. If it works it works. If it dont, try something else.

I suggest you read thru all the info written in the grip well here on gripboard.

Best stuff I've ever read!


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Thats good advice. Just try out and change your routine from time to time. I mean there are multiple exercises for each discipline of hand strength.

From my experience, less is more. I first did grippers twice a week, then cut back to once a week and it worked like a charm. I am making constant progress though im still not what i would consider a strong gripper.

Just listen to your body, and dont be shy to try new exercises that may seem odd at first glance

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Thank you all for your answers!

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