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How to Get Added to a Grip Feats List

Bill Piche

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Here are the logistics/rules for the GripBoard Grip Feat Lists:


  • When a member wants a lift to be judged they PM a moderator/admin with their request and link to a video on YouTube.
  • The moderator/admin will create a poll in the "Feat Judging" forum.
  • The membership at large votes Pass/Fail. Fail is "no lift." Pass is "good lift." All votes will be anonymous in nature.
  • Members will vote red or white on the lift in question after reviewing the rules.
  • Voting will be open for 7 days or 20 votes minimum. Whichever happens first. The poll will then be locked.
  • If a lift passes, the lists will be updated as appropriate.
  • Must get a 80% score of "pass" for the total number of votes.


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