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Double Sledge Setup


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What you need

2 - identical sledge hammers - I used 12# ones but you can use what ever you want. Mine have 31" handles - some sledges have 32 1/2" - you can leave them long or cut them as you choose but both have to be the same.

2 - 5/16' x 8" Carriage bolts (must have full length threads)

Nuts and washers for same - I had to use a couple larger nuts for spacers because threads didn't quite go far enough.

Drill your holes spaced as shown and bolt everything together.

This give you the double setup ready to use but not adjustable at this point. If you choose to use Platemates (magnetic) you are good to go at this point. I welded nuts on the fronts and sides so I can add weight plates as I choose and have balanced hammers still.




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This is exacly how I built the hammers for the MGC. I used a pair of 6lb hammers with 29" handles to give a greater spread of difficulty. I'll post some picures next week when I get them back from the welder.

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Something I think would be neat is if you put two hinge joints at the ends of the connecting bars aligned with the handles. That would allow for two handed supination/pronation training as well as the forward/back levering.

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