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Added Friction And Strength Gains


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Have anyone tried training with extra-friction (pitch, friction-tape) on events like pinch or thickbar?

Compared to chalk on smooth surfaces, would those added trainingweights somehow force your gripping muscles to work harder?

For example, if one could lift inch db with chalk and 100kg inch with pitch, would that added load be advantage for handstrength gains.

like running 100m, your muscles are forced to move faster with trackshoes compared to sneakers.

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Been there done that one - didn't work (for me at least). I've used tacky - anti slip tape like is used on stairs etc - and no gains what so ever. It "seemed" like it should work but didn't. Tacky actually made me pinch less but fat bar a bit more. The anti slip is very aggressive and cuts the skin under weight. Anyway - it was one more experiment that failed - I have had a lot of those :).

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I do use friction tape on my wrist roller. I'm using it to secure my grip for my wrists and forearms. Like using straps for deads. My hands still get a lot of strain, but the need for chalk is eliminated.

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