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Grip Tour Of Britain - #2 - Tarleton Results

David Horne

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Results from the tour event at Tarleton. I went to this from my holiday on Anglesey!

Grip Tour of Britain - #2 - Tarleton

Saturday 15 March, 2014

Venue: Preston Panthers A/W Gym, Tarleton

Promoter: David Horne & Keith Taylor

All weights in kilos

Open Class results (7 competitors)

1 Joe Higham (118k, 17) 8pt

2 Adam Wisniewski (88k, 39) 9.5pt

3 Keith Taylor (93k, 43) 11.5pt

4 Chris Waters (73.8k, 32) 18pt

5 Gary Dawson (61.25k, 21) 19pt

5 Adam Pagett (104.35k, 22) 19pt

7 Colin Taylor (66k, 41) 27pt

Overall results 93k class (5 competitors)

1 Adam Wisniewski (88k, 39) 7.5pt (1st on count-back then percentage)

2 Keith Taylor (93k, 43) 7.5pt

3 Chris Waters (73.8k, 32) 12pt

4 Gary Dawson (61.25k, 21) 13pt

5 Colin Taylor (66k, 41) 20pt

Event 1 Vulcan V2 20mm block close

1 Joe Higham L11 Black spring

2 Keith Taylor L10 Black spring

3 Adam Wisniewski L8 Black spring

4 Adam Pagett L7 Black spring

5 Chris Waters L5 Black spring

6 Gary Dawson L6 Orange spring

7 Colin Taylor L3 Orange spring

Event 2 Half a Penny

1 Keith Taylor 11.96k

1 Adam Wisniewski 11.96k

3 Joe Higham 11.02k

4 Gary Dawson 10.21k

5 Chris Waters 9.36k

6 Adam Pagett 8.86k

7 Colin Taylor NL

Event 3 LeverTop Underhand grip

1 Joe Higham 32.82k

2 Chris Waters 25.52k

3 Keith Taylor 22.42k

3 Adam Wisniewski 22.42k

3 Gary Dawson 22.42k

6 Colin Taylor 14.72k

7 Adam Pagett NL

Event 4 Pickaxe Lever to Front Hold

1 Adam Wisniewski 2.8k for 6sec

2 Adam Pagett 2k for 21sec

3 Joe Higham 2k for 19sec

4 Keith Taylor 2k for 17sec

5 Gary Dawson 1.6k for 17sec

6 Chris Waters 1.6k for 8sec

7 Colin Taylor 1.2k for 40sec

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