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Introducing Myself- Again


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Hey my name's Sam, I'm 16, and I live in Australia.

I've been into grip since january last year.

Getting back into it, and I'm dedicated like never before...

My bests:

Plate Curl- 25lb for 5 reps

Plate Pinching- 25kg (2x10's & a 5kg taped to it) 5second hold

Reverse Curl from waist height- 30kg for 5 reps

Card Tearing- 25 (plastic coated)

Plus a bunch of other bests, but haven't trained with for awhile, so can't remember. I don't own any grippers.

My current routine consists of plate curling, levering, reverse curls, and card tearing.

Usually train my grip 4-5 days a week.

Thanx for reading.


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Hi Sam, looks like you have a good grip so far

keep up the good work.


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I recommend you get some grippers, you won't regret it.


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Your doing well. You don't need grippers for a good grip. There are lots of ways to train your crush.

Brookfield has a bunch of ways to train that don't require grippers.

Don't get me wrong... I love the grippers. :D


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Stay away from those grippers. You're much too young.

We're glad to have you join us mate :D

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Hia Sammy

Glad your grips progressing,wish i had been fortunate enough to start at15/16years of age,however can,t turn back the clock.

If you keep at it you wont just be the best arm wrestler in your school,but one day might be up there gripwise with Nick,Arthur,

Vince or even Bruce White.And dont forget as well as the Gripboard you have the above lads for inspiration,encouragement and feedback.

Your off to a flyer,keep it up :rock

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Cheers gazza!

You've been a HUGE part in me deciding to take my grip training seriously. Thanx again for the book.

As soon as my foot heals (strained sumthin) i'll be lifting weights twice a week aswell as my regular grip stuff.

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Dedication, discipline , and determination WILL get you there. You'll recieve plenty of positive reinforcement at the GripBoard. :rock

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I kept that routine up for a lil' while Tou.

But seeing i'm a chronic routine changer... I switched to a different one.

Thanx for that tho mate :D

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Welcome back into the fray!

I'd add wrist plate curls to your routine as I find they help with the plate curl.


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