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Who's In California?

Clay Edgin

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I'm interested in seeing who else lives in California and where they're at. Maybe we can get together sometime to lift heavy things.

I'm in Salinas, a couple hours south of San Francisco

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I am in Kansas City.

Anyone else in Kansas City ?

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I'm in Redwood City...about 30 minutes south of SF

But, I'm moving to AZ in less than a week :(  

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I live in Minnesota which seems to be a pretty good place for grip and strongman equipment and contests.

There does seem to be a whole wealth of tallent emergeing from

Minnesota,maybe some of the Tennessee water has been bottled and shipped over :D

The only bad thing is you have that terrible Blob Sindicate :tongue

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I am in Minnesota also, and yes there does seem to be a large

amount of people emerging from out of no where. I have met

and worked out with some very strong, grip people and strongman

competitors :tongue It is nice to have a diverse crowd of people

here, with great knowledge to do that with.


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I live in Québec (Canada). We have our bunch of strongmen here too. It's in our roots. Manual labor is what built Québec.

First there was Louis Cyr and now we have Hugo Girard.

Oh ... one of these days, I'll go to California. :D

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All you people out in California... head on over to IronMind in Nevada City and give us a review of the company. Ask for a tour of the company, and ask if Mr. Strossen can personally guide you on this tour. If they refuse, tell them Sybersnott said it was o.k. - actually just use the word, "Sybersnott" - that's your hookup word to get you inside the company that is IronMind! :ohmy:laugh

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