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How Many Of You Are Using David Hornes Thumb Screws?


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Im thinking of picking up some of these, just wanted to get some feedback first.

First of all, will they fit on the RB Adjustable? im guessing they will but i just want to make sure.

Also, how good are they for training the Key Pinch? is there much carryover to the griptopz penny lift?

Lastly, is this a good tool for thumb pad size?

Thanks in advance.

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Love them, great for pinch and quite adjustable

Would you mind going into a bit more detail? do you use them for high reps, low reps, timed holds?

are they good for working key pinch, and is there a carryover to the penny grip topz?

Thanks again.

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I use similar product from Robert Baraban and i feel it useful tool for improving grippers, thick bar and euro pinch. I am not so sure about key pinch lifts, in competitions it has turned out that i am relatively weak in that kind of lifts, including penny lift.

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Maybe i should ad that i train with those using vulcan and semi high reps (10-15) with two hands.

Could be interesting to try if more key pinch like hand positioning and static holds would give different results.

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Bit the bullet and bought them. they seem quite versatile from watching a video of David Horne on YouTube showing a demonstration. not really a fan of static thumb or pinch training but hopefully this will help. also not sure if there will be a carryover to the 2HP or Block weights but it would be great if there was. at this point in time im mainly looking to increase the size of my thumbpad to help with my goal of closing bigger grippers, and to build strength endurance in the thumb while im doing curls with my homemade ironmind stacker.

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