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Cheat Closing A #4 - How?


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Hello, all. I've been stuck at 1/4" away on the #3 for quite some time. I recently picked up the KTA program and will starting that shortly. I do have a question, though, regarding my current training: I've been doing negatives with a #4, as suggested. I cannot, however, close it fully when starting. Yes, I'm a pussy, I guess. I'm using the same technique that I used on the #3 when I was trying to close the #2: I set it in my hand, and while squeezing as though I'm trying to close it, mash it against the floor with my bodyweight behind it.

I weight a hair over 200, so my bodyweight is only about 60% of the #4. I squeeze until veins pop out of my ears, push down against the floor with all there is, and can't get it to closure. So, I do the negative from there (roughly 1/4-3/8" shy of closure, depending upon the rep).

Two questions come to mind:

1. Is there a better way to force it shut?

2. Is not starting the negative from a closed position making the exercise not worth doing?

Thanks for any advice,


PS. I'm a new contributor to the board fund!

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I think most people use their other hand to help the closure. If that isn't enough maybe you should focus on #3 negatives until you are stronger.

I prefer to do my negatives on my PDA Gripinator with a "Beyond the Range" handle. I load it up to about 30% more than I can handle in a positive rep and do a very slow negative (i.e. hold it shut as long as possible and resist as it opens.). Kinney claims to have made most his gains with heavy negatives on his "Secret Weapon" machine.


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I am having the same problem however you are closing the #4 further than I am but I belive if you are resisting the opening almost trying to imagine reclosing it thats ok

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Just do the Negative with your # 3.

Negatives on a 4 or a world class are such a silly little game.

ha ha


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Try this take #4 put it in your hand (in the set) press it down on your leg or chest press in shut.

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Go with Bender53's advice.

If it still doesn't work...buy a gripper between a #3 and a #4. The BBE and HE will work. RB Crusher's will as well.

You can also buy another #3, pick the harder of the two, and file it down a bit for BTR Negatives.

You can get a grip machine.

Lots of options. :D


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I can't set/close my #4 enough to use it for negatives either. I just used a gripper that is harder than my #3s.

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First thing first : The knight is MY avatar. I have it since the beginning. There are many more so pick something else. ;) No seriously, I don't care if you stay with it.

Forcing it down on the leg is the easiest way to do it.

Forcing it down with your free hand is the best way to do it but it is tougher, a lot tougher.

Now, go pick another avatar ... ;)

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Ok, I changed it (even though my last name is Knight, I'll let it slide).


Anyhow, I have tried the leg method, and I don't seem to get nearly the force that I do when working it against the ground. I get some very cool looking bruises, though.



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I had the same problem. I couldn't consistently force the 4 closed even with both hands until well after I could close the 3. Part of it was because I was not strong enough to properly set the gripper.

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You might want to try this way to cheat close your #4. Sit on

a stool, chair, bench or what ever. Rest the forearms on top of

your legs with your hands between your knees. Like your watching

a ballgame. You will be leaned forward a little bit.

Your hands and the gripper will be between your knees. Cup

your free hand around your fingers of the gripper hand. The

fingers should be in the middle of the free hand palm.

now push down with free hand forearm on your leg as if to

brace it and at the same time push in with leg and and free

hand and sqeeze with the gripper hand. Also have the foot of

the pushing leg turned in somewhat. Example: if you use the

left leg, turn your foot to the right.

Practice with a light gripper till you get the feel of it.

Put a lot of downward force with forearm on the push leg so

that they will act as one unit together. Flex the thigh of the

push leg when you start to push

It works for me quite well. After you cheat it close release and

hang on

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O NO,i just got a double blowout,2x330ip chromium plated grippers,one in each hand,just gettin the last coupla mills and they both

blew :laugh

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