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Ironmind Nails


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Today I was training with Dave Ostlund, Brian C.

Joe and Dan peterson with the

Atlas stones, and after working out I had asked

Dave if he wanted to bend some nails. I got out my

bag o nails from Ironmind and let him have a go

at them. First he did the white, no problem then

the green, no problem, then the yellow and the blue

all of them in a "u" shape, he went for the red nail

worked at it for a little while, he made a very small

bend in it hardly noticeable but, I think by the end

of the year he has a chance to bend the red all the way.

Way to go Dave, you have some awesome strength. :bow:ohmy


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I did try to bend a little. I went for the white after a little while i bent the white pretty good (not sure how legal it was). I was pretty happy with my performance. I feel with a little practice i might be able to get the green. Also would it be wise to buy hardware store nails and if so what would i ask for?

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Hi Dan,

You might want to train with cut legths of 3/16" and 1/4" HRS until you are ready to tackle some 60p nails. It took me a couple of months of training to U-shape a 60p after I had mastered the Blue.

If your bending style favors short pieces you might do well with some 4" nails (40p ?). I find such short pieces very difficult to bend.


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Holy Crap...That is amazing.

I will be happy if I can bend an Ironmind White when I get my Bag O Nails.


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Isn't Brookfield the only guy who can bend the red nail. Can't he do something crazy with it like cut a couple inches off it and still bend it? anybody know?

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I believe he is the only one that can bend the

IM Red nail from what I have read, as far as cutting

some of it off and bending it I have not heard or read

anything about that.


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I think Pat/Terminator and Chris James would also give it a run.

If Brookfield is cuttin bits oo,of the red and still bending it,then the boundaries for bending have been moved again.

I would not like to say wether Brookfield has or has not done this with the red shortened as he realy does seem to be the full package,and the sort of person you could never bet again doing most things grip :rock

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I myself have tried to bend the Red IM nail, I went at if for

about 5 minutes or so and all I could get out of it was a

very small small dent out of it.


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