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Grip Routine


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Been a long time since i've posted!!

But i'm more advanced in my grip training.

I'll give you a glimpse of my new training since the last time i posted...

Phone book tearing attempts and Wrench bending attempts are performed every chance i get. I have no "weaker" phonebooks, and i don't have any nails to bend...So i make attempts at these feats hoping that one day i'll jus be able to do it.

It gives my hands a HUGE workout, and they do get alot stronger.

But i can't measure that through the two exercises since there's no visable improvement while making the attempts.

The other major "Grip Training Advancement" i've made is levering...

I have a very large shovel that i use. I have severel different exercises i do with the shovel. I'm improving alot with the shovel. The kind of strength i've gained is amazing.

What i do is put a piece of tape where i'm currently holding it, then move it up as i improve.

Won't go into anymore details at the moment!!

This was the longest thread i've ever made!!

Will be ALOT more active on the GripBoard from now on...


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Welcome back,why no nails you can get them from any town or city mate.

The shovel sounds good,Steve Juasta does a simmilar thing.

I take it MOHS has served you well then :D

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Mate, i can't thank you enough for that book...


It has taught me so much. I've read it from cover to cover several times. I read it almost every nite. Just going over chapters...

A whole book devoted to grip strength...amazing.

Thanx again mate.

How's you training goin??

I haven't got any nails yet, haven't really had a look at Mitre 10. But i'll be going there next week. Nails of all shapes n' sizes and a sledgehammer will be on the shopping list. Also i'll be going to the local $2 store that just opened to get packs of cards. I'm not sure as to where i can find LOTS of phonebooks of all shapes & sizes tho...

One day (hopefully soon) i'll be ordering grippers from IM, plus brookfields new book.

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