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David Horne informs me, when I asked him

for his wrist curl achievements that it is an

infrequent exercise for him, but that sometimes

he would include some wrist curls off the end of

a bench upon which his forearms were resting.

Well, let's not use the word 'resting'. He checked

his training book and on Nov 17, 1994 he tried

a couple sets of wrist curls with these results:

(the pounds are rough approximations of the kilos

he recorded): His bodyweight was about 90 kg

or 198 lbs:

Oh, and keep in mind he used a 2" diameter bar:

149.5 kg (330 lbs) for 13 reps

174.5 kg (384 lbs) for 5 reps (almost double bodywt)

One wonders what he could have done for a single rep

had he not done so many heavy reps in these two sets!

It appears obvious that something well in excess of 400

lbs. As I recall he has done about 600 on the table-top

wrist curl, which he says is easier to judge.

So here I am excited about my 200 for six reps, which

is exactly on par with David...if he uses just one hand!!!

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