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Microloading Strapholds-


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Was doing strapholds tonight with my filed #1. I've only got 15lbs of little plates, but I needed something a little more. Ransacked my room, all I could think of was my water bottle, it's got a loop on the cap, plus it's marked in 100ml increments. If i remember right, 1 ml=1 gram? seemed like a cheap and pretty accurate way to microload...Just my 2 cents. Nick

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Great idea Nick.

I will have to give that a try.

How is your training going ?

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Nice idea, then when your done you can have a drink! I'm going to have to get a measured bottle and try it out!


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tmmicklabs, going well. My goal for the #2 was May 10 but I think that's probably not going to happen. Last night I did 3 5sec holds 15lbs plus the bottle (1/2 lb?)...I've heard that closing the 2 takes "20 something lbs". Not sure if that's mid-20's , low 20's, high 20's, or if its just different for everyone. I'll let you know when i get there. The left is no where close to the 2 yet.


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You on KTA I assume.

I've got a 1/4 inch left to go on the # 2.

Should have it in about a month at the rate I am going with KTA.


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Nah, not on KTA, though I did do my civic duty to the Gripboard and lay down the 19 bucks for it. Right now I don't have the committment to stick with it, although my training consists of a lot of kta standby's like strapholds and negatives, but those really aren't unique to kta I think. Anyway right now, my goal is steady progression, just trying to add one more rep, or a little more weight than last workout. This is how pretty much I train, I'm a shameless HITer. I have to put away my grippers in between workouts (MWF), I don't have the will power not to pick them up if I see them.

Happy Lifting, Nick

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