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Hook Pain And Exercises


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I've been armwrestling for about 2,5 years now, I don't get the that nagging pain anymore really from armwrestling workouts I still have some problems in the hook.

When I hook someone and either one wins and we let go of the grip, I get this surging pain in my wrist extensor muscles, it goes away in 1-2secs but I usually have to ask my opponent to let go slow and easy and not just take away all the tension directly. Any ideas what might be causing this? I stretch my wrists every workout in the gym and the back of my hand goes well below 90 degrees stretching my extensors so they're not tight atleast I guess.

Another question is, what would be one or two good exercises for locking strength in the hook? I open up quite easily sometimes, weighted static pullups with supinated grip? Maybe isometric bicep curls?

Thank you

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It sounds like your extensors might be long and weak as opposed to short and tight. Basically, you have increased the strength of your flexors to the point that the extensors can't counterbalance them. The hook is naturally a weak position for your extensors, add that they are weaker than your flexors, and add that they have to stabilize the bones in that position and you should get the sum of why they seize up after you release the tension on them. That is assuming the problem is muscular. Your other option is that you are pinching your radial nerve (though you could be doing both at the same time).

I have developed a wrist extension static hold in order to effectively train the extensors (without pain) in both myself and my brother: second link. My three pointers to give you: make sure your arm is perpendicular to your body, make sure it is locked straight, and make sure to internally rotate it and swing your wrist back into ulnar deviation. I am trying to get to where I can hold 100 lbs for ten seconds. If you get pain on the ulnar side of your wrist, you are either using too much weight, or you did not follow the last two instructions.

In case it is also nerve related, look up nerve flossing and tensioning techniques for your radial nerve: second link. If you want more information on nerve flossing (or more videos), I will be more than happy to provide it.

I hope that the above is helpful,


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