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Where It All Started, Amazing Photo


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Somehow, today, a photo which I didn't know existed surfaced like a humpback whale breaching out of calm water. The photo is literally of the moment I learned about grippers. This moment changed my life in so many ways. When I start to add it all up--the training, the pain, the mistakes, the bleeding, the planning, the GripBoard, the years, the competitions, Cannon PowerWorks--it's a tidal wave of retrospect.

I've told the story of "how I got into grip" countless times, and previously on this board. Here is a link:

I went to Dave Draper's Iron Online Bash in Santa Cruz in 2005. Two of the guys I met there were Greg Griffen and Wicked Willie. Greg had brought some grippers poolside one night and Wicked Willie was doing an impromptu grip clinic. Everyone was giving it a go so I did too. I got the #1 closed and took the #2 down far enough to get an "atta boy" from the group. It felt good and the thought of grip training lingered for about 6 mos. Then in June of 2006 I finally bought some grippers from Ironmind. I was a good 1/4" from the #2 to start. Registered here around the same time and got some ideas and training really took off!

I'm so thankful my wife came across this photo. It's a priceless moment to me and such a surprise it even exists. You can view the photo on the CPW Facebook page.

>>Facebook Link<<

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Matt, I think I may have told you this before, but that picture is one of the main reasons I got back into training grippers. It couldn't have been too long after that picture was taken, that you went to visit Warren Tetting and then you posted a really nice review of your visit with him. One day I was browsing Dave Draper's site and I happened to read that post about your visit with Warren, so I immediately went out and purchased some new grippers. Prior to that, I hadn't touched a hand gripper since high school. It's all your fault that I'm now addicted to grippers!!!!!!!!!! :)

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