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How about becoming a supreme grip master?

Guest scott essery

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Guest 115-1005574997

I dont think we have enough recognition of overall grip prowess.

It seems like most people agree that an all round grip is the only true form of grip to have so why not honor Supreme Grip Masters?

A person who can #3, rolling thunder 100kg (220lb), pinch grip 2x45lb plates, lift the inch dumbell and plate curl a 45 would be honored with the title.

Are you guys gutsy enough to try? :)

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I think that some people on this board are able to achive these feats. Personnally, I see the #3, the 2 x 45's pinch and the 220 rolling thunder as feats I am capable of (in a few months or years). The toughest part will be the 45's plate curl.

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I think David Horne has your trophy! :)  Sorry, I couldn't resist.  Really, Steve, no disrespect intended, that's very impressive!

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I like your idea.  Problem is.... who would put it together?  Hum.... let's see..... maybe the IGC?  Oh yeah - that's right.  We already know how you feel about this newly created organization.

Seriously, that's why WE created the IGC in the first place.  To find out the best of the best - and give them the due credit that they so richly deserve.  So Scott, start training.  One of those titles will belong to you someday!  :)

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