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Nuckle Stiffness/pain From Coc's


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A week or two ago I hurt my nuckel of my middle finger on my right hand from playing with my COC's too much(I've only had them a few weeks). It got stiff and hurts if I tried to fully straiighten it out. Since then i've been training with the COC's every 2nd or 3rd day with my right hand. Each time after training the next day it stiffens up and hurts a again. It's not a muscle issue because I still have the strength to work the COC's even when the nuckel is messed up. I'm guessing I should probably not train it until I get is totally healed up. What are your guy's experiences with training and hand injuries.

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I injured my left hand a few months ago from too much gripper training.

Mine was my index finger instead of my left finger.

I had to keep my left hand away from the grippers for 1 month.

It healed just fine.

I am now training the left hand again and it's stonger than ever.

Hope this helps.

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