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Building Up The Pinky Pad


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So my thumb pad is developing nicely with dynamic and iso pinches and that's helping my gripper stay in place on the thumb side. However, the pinky side of the handle just keeps wanting to slide down and I'm curious if there's something I can do to building up the pad on the pinky side. It seems really hard to target this area in a way that gets anywhere close to an actual pump like with the thumb pad before the pinky/ring finger is worn out. Any ideas for getting some hypertrophy in this area?

Also, any technique tips I may be overlooking to prevent the pinky side of the handle from sliding back? I'm driving my thumb forward to create a pocket for the handle but the pinky side seems too far away for my thumb to brace it. My hand measures 7 3/4, so I am a bit on the small side but I do think some more muscle mass on the pinky side would help a lot.

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If you have a TTK, choking it down to about an 1"1/2 to 2". Then get a pair of channel lock pliers and close the TTK with the pliers: the handles are so thin that it give an amazing pump to the pinkie side.

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Try holding your gripper upside down for reps, that should give you a good pump and build the pad

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Guest Squat More

I clamped up my #1 and 1.5 CoC grippers and close them with my pinky and ring finger, also over crushes and holds. Originally did it for my thickbar training, to strengthen those fingers to "do more" in thickbar lifts and it worked.

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