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Smooth Handle Gripper Technique


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What are some things to keep in mind regarding gripper technique with smooth handle grippers such as Ivanko Super Gripper, Zenith, and Vulcan(one smooth handle) grippers? Are there any positional changes or things to focus on to keep the gripper stable/from slipping?

For me the main difficulty is it's hard to keep the palm handle forward in my palm, it wants to slide back towards my wrist putting me in a weaker position.

Also, are there benefits to training primarily with smooth handle grippers? My goal is general hand strength and for weightlifting grip, not closing TSG's, and I just have an Ivanko super gripper right now. I've considered friction tape but are there some benefits I get from the smooth handles that I'd lose changing the handles to a non-smooth surface? Fellow ISG users, have you added friction tape to your gripper or just use the smooth handle as is (or with some chalk)? Another idea I had is keeping the handles smooth but using gloves just for max attempts?

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I have a home made adjustable gripper with smooth handles, I use chalk

and yes it is harder but effective. Just do whatever it takes to get

a workout thats effective, Or its proble just a waste of time. I also used

masking tape on mine plus chalk worked great.

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Spray the handles with Windex glass cleaner and then wipe it off and do your set

and repeat.

Works very, very well with absolutely no mess! This also transfers well to

smooth, painted pinch blocks as well.

Try it!

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