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A Visit With Dennis Rogers


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Today, I drove up to Fort Wayne, IN, to see Dennis Rogers (www.dennisrogers.net). He sometimes works with Brooks and Dunn, a big-time country music group. He had two shows, one at 4 pm and one at 5 pm. The drive was longer than I had anticipated. I got there around 5:30, and missed both his shows.

After seeing the last act was on stage when I got there, and no really strong-looking dudes walking about, I wandered around for a few minutes. I went back to the stage hoping to ask one of the workers if he knew where Dennis was. I saw a few workers packing up, and I saw one dressed in black that might be him. I told the nearest guy I drove 3 hours just to see Dennis. The guy said if I had tickets, Dennis would be inside later. I said I didn't have tickets, didn't come to see Brooks and Dunn, just to see Dennis. The dude in black turned around with a smile and held out his hand. "Hi, I'm Dennis Rogers. Here's a bent wrench for your efforts." We laughed.

I told him I was grip training, and pulled out my #2,#3,and #4. He laughed and said he could certify me. I gave the #3 a mighty squeeze, but only got it to about 3mm. He was genuinely impressed. I asked him if he was tired from his shows. He said he was doing 12-15 shows a week, and his knuckles were incredibly sore. I didn't want to impose by asking him to try something.

I asked him if he had a technique for card tearing, knowing someone with his power probably just grabs the deck and rips it like I rip tissue from a roll. Yup. He tried to show me how he thought I should try, but was just grabbing at air. So I pulled a new deck of Bicycle Rider Backs out of my pocket (everyone there laughed), opened the box, and gave him the cards. He demonstrated the position. I demonstrated the position I use, and within 5 seconds I had the deck half torn. Of course, I was so astonished that I stopped to look, and lost all momentum. From there, it took another minute or so to finish it. He gave me a pointer for finishing it.

Then he asked me if I bend. I said I haven't practiced that in a while. He pulled out a 40-penny, about 5.5" long, wrapped it in a towel, and handed it to me. The shortest piece I've bent was 6.75" 1/4"HRS. I didn't even dent it. He demonstrated how he bends them, bent it a little, and gave it back to me. I tried it his way, with no success. I need to work on wrist strength.

Then he gave me a screwdriver he had bent twice and cautioned me on bending them because they can break lengthwise, and drive right into the arm.

We talked about Ironmind and Dr Strossen, Tom Black with whom he had recently spoken, and his upcoming schedule. I mentioned my move to Massachusetts in a few weeks, and my plans to see his show in Connecticut in a few months. He said he wanted to clear a little time in his schedule to make the AOBS dinner. I told him I have already sent for my tickets.

A wonderful 15 minutes with an extrordinarily strong man. I was hoping maybe for an autograph and a photo. I got the photo, plus some souveniers. When all was said and done, I hopped in the car and drove home. A 6 hour drive for 15 minutes. Well worth it.

PS. On the way home, I was looking at my bleeding knuckle from the card tearing. I suddenly realized that I had handed all the cards from the box to him, and he handed them back to me. I had torn all the cards in the box, including 2 jokers and 2 instruction/advertisement cards, for a total of 56! A PR, and I didn't even realize it!

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Sounds a memorable and lovely time, albeit tiring. Dennis really is a great strongman and truly a very kind and genuine person.


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great story. i've seen brooks and dunn a couple of times, but not dennis :angry: . congrats on the card tearing, that's a whole buncha paper to be tearing at one time. and great effort on the 3, i got a feeling you'll be certified soon.

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Thanx for sharing such a great experience. I am looking forward to meeting him soon myself.

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Surprised you would talk about me, hopefully good things! :) I e-mailed Dennis all the pictures I took of him at the AOBS dinner and we “conversed” that way for a while. He is a very busy guy, sometimes I’d mail out a picture and wouldn’t get a response for a week because he was off on some TV show or some other event. He is a great guy, easy to talk to and very appreciative of the pictures I took at the Dinner. I can’t even begin to relate how honored I was when he used one of my pictures on his site (the lock breaking).

There was a thread about a month ago about nice experiences with meeting people but I never got around to putting in my meeting with Dennis. Basically, I went to get his autograph and he was looking down at something when I approached. He looked up and said “Tom, great site!” I was a little flabbergasted that he would know my name and my web site.

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Great story Alan.

You will have that # 3 mastered in a few weeks.

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