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Thickbar Lifts


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I had a little eye opening experience with the weights and as a result I wanted to know what kind of numbers people were throwing around in these various lifts (to see if if I've been wasting all my time!). I train mainly with thickbars only -- the smallest I routinely use being 1.7'' or so. I tested these recently, as of late for the last few months I have confined myself to more endurance based exercises.

Some of my lifts:

150 pound DB clean & PP on 1.2'' handle

125 pound DB clean on 2.5'' handle

150 pound DB deadlift on 2.5'' handle

200 pound DB deadlift on 1.2'' handle

(No hook grips or chalk)

Now what shocked and disheartened me the most... I rarely train on the 1.2'' handle and found myself a bit dejected over the low numbers. I would think a one arm deadlift done with a standard bar size should be AT LEAST 100 pounds more than what you can lift on 2-2.5'' handle. But by not lifting with a standard bar for so long I believe it has handicapped my top end strength! Any of you gripsters out there should avoid this same folly!

One arm clean

One arm deadlift


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Just got to use more variety.... Lifting the inch probably won't mean I could lift the dinnies... Specificity is everything in grip

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Specificity is everything in grip

This is something that is finally sinking in for me and I'm noticing it in my training. Thick bar work is about being strong with an isometric contraction at the specific joint angles dictated by the thickness of the handle you're using....and then you still have the specificity related to the behavior of the implement itself like the popular comparison of lifting the Inch Dumbbell vs. Rolling Thunder.

Specificity is key to mastering a specific feat of strength the quickest.

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Yes that is probably accurate. Is there a general consensus on which grip exercises have the best carry over to all other areas of grip? I'd assume thick bar, heavy support (standbard bar), pinch lifting to be the main ones. Maybe toss in bar hangs or towel hangs.

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