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Im setting my aim for some FBBC certs this fall.

I'd like an answer from a great bender.

I've certed the bastard.

Im thinking I might train 3 months and then bang out some more certs.

Give me suggestions on progressively heavier steel from the red up.

Bolts, steel (HRS CRS SS) thickness, length etc.

Im thinking maybe I should stay in the 7'' range?


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Shiny, Hex, Stainless Hex, Edgin, 3/8ths G2, 5/16 square. Though drillrod would allow you more increments in the progression and would probably vary less in strength.

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FBBC sell all of these? :)

I've read drillrod before but never found out exactly what they are or where to get them. :)

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Up to you if you'd like to stay with 7" stock and just work up in difficulty or to try and conquer the short steel bends. People seem to really gravitate towards one path. I much prefer to bend 7" steel and just work on minimal pads (IMPs) and going harder and thicker. So if you prefer the same Isaiah's suggestions are great. FBBC sells most of that. Drill rod is great. You can order very incremental sizes but they vary just as much as any other steel, especially as the steel gets thicker. You'll have to find an online steel supplier to order the O-1 (oil hardened) drill rod. This is the type of rod that is safest and commonly used by benders. If you want to go for short steel bending just grab a bastard and keep cutting it down to 4". That will keep a short steel bender entertained for quite some time.

U.S. steel suppliers:

McMaster Carr


I believe you're in another country so find a website that will ship to you. Worst case scenario you can Paypal a friend in the U.S. so they can obtain the steel then ship to you.

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I'd take Dan's word on the drillrod. I know nothing other than what I've heard.

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