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161 - 180 Lbs?


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Im going to place an order in about 2 weeks;

A present for a friend;






And I was just looking how my grippers are rated and I have a nice ladder of slighty heavier grippers from 153 lbs coc3 to my 161 lbs elite.

I was thinking that I might buy one or two grippers that could help cover the gap between my 161 lbs elite and my 180 lbs ghp8 and 180 lbs coc3,5.

Are there any tettings between there? GHP? COC? :) Rating is important, brand isnt!

Thanks man!

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im giving him a trainer too :)

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That's an awesome present for your friend!

There are some pre-rated MM2s right now in that range, high 160s.


The range of 170-180 is probably the hardest to cover among all strengths of grippers. Sometimes Elites are low 170s and sometimes #3.5s are in the 170s. If you're not going to go for one of the pre-rated options, those two are your best bet. GHP8s are pretty consistently over 180.

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Ok, we'll see what you've got when I get my pay. :) pre-rated MM2 will be nice.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I just place the order and the transaction has been made :)

1x MM2 Replica - 168 for $40.00 each, for me :)
1x IronMind #3 - 150 for $26.95 each
1x IronMind #2.5 for $21.95 each
1x IronMind #2 for $21.95 each
1x IronMind #1.5 for $21.95 each
1x IronMind #1 for $21.95 each
1x IronMind Trainer for $21.95 each

all CoCs for my friend.

Thanks Cannon!

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