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Been lurking the forums for some time and been reading as much as I've been able to.

I armwrestle once a week and do additional wrist/forearm work once a week, but I've been adding my RT to the workouts I do. I've looked but haven't really found any routines/programs for RT work. What I have been doing so far is pulling once a week 2 set for max reps and each week I raise the poundages by a little but I'm stalling at the moment.

So how do you guys train for the RT? My best for now is 64,5kg with right and 62 with left. Short term goal is hitting 70kg.

Any input? Just looking for a general long term routine, once or twice a week.

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Squatmore has very recently made a routine for this, you can find a community training log in the workouts/training section.

Everybody has a different way of approaching this, and I am trying 3 sets of 5 with my working weights.

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Guest Squat More

The RT program I wrote up is linked in my signature. Everyone does have different ways of approaching things, my program is mainly based off the advice/suggestions from Laine Snook with other aspects of RT training from Steve Gardener (mobster here) and Alexey Tyukalov (current record holder in the RT), it has worked for myself, and others (the high repetition style training) - just read the IronMind forum. Using Laines advice, with a few modifications of my own I have taken my RT lifting in the last year, maybe less, from 135 to 185 for a single, without even pulling max singles more than five times.

If you're patient and not searching for some "Miracle" program that will 50lbs to your max lift in 7 minutes a day in 3 weeks, then give it a go. If you're one of those people who think strength happens over night, try something else.

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