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Choked #2 Close


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I've only just gotten back into grip (not that I was ever very good to start with). Yesterday I decided to choke my #2 down so I could focus on the crush, since I always get stuck about 1/3in from completely closing. Took this video last night after a long day and with a very exhausted grip. Any tips/advice would be much appreciated.

Hoping this can also get me more used to how a deep set should feel in my hand, since I haven't been able to do this with a deep set.


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I personally think chokerwork solely isn't the best way to improve on your goal gripper, but when feeling strong, occasionally it can help you to perform an overcrush while not having to focus on the set. However, I think the set is the most important thing, since the way your fingers are wrapped around the handles is very much important for whether closing the gripper or not on max attempts. Here's an article you maybe can read. I think Teemu wrote a few excellent articles. for the rest, keep plugging away man. Don't focus to much on filming gripper attempts, you know when it's closed or not and concentrate on that. The videos will come! You said it yourself, you were tired and all. Maybe not the best time for an attempt.


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I'd suggest doing choked grippers and smash em hard, focus on explosiveness and overcrushing for a few seconds. That and filing lighter grillers that you can close, say coc1 or coc1,5 if you can close those.

Take a file and train beyond the range. This has helped me very much along with chokers and overcrushes.

Keep at it, concistancy is key.

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Guest Squat More

Choked grippers is what helped me get my MM0 cert, being as that I don't really "train" them and just would occasionally close them in between squat sets. My Vulcan helps my set more than anything, combine that with choked grippers for that last 3/4" close and I am good. I just choked up my 165# BBE yesterday, planning on training grippers with my right hand along with pinch and bosco bell lifts while I focus on RT for 10 weeks on my left.

Everyone is different, Teemu I. was always a proponent of choked gripper work and he did pretty well for himself when he was working hard.

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Thanks everyone. I think I'll keep experimenting with this for a while, because like Squat More said, everyone is different. I definitely do need more work on my set, since I mostly train no set with my Trainer and #1. Getting a few more so I can have a smoother progression probably wouldn't be a bad idea either.

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