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Eric Milfeld Performance


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Yesterday Eric Milfeld came over at 3:00 pm for some friendly grip competition with me and my son Cody

and to go over many new items in the Grip Museum not to mention numerous conversations on training

ideas, equipment ideas/revisions and I showed him my new set up (DDM) for rating grippers. I would like to share with members here some of Eric's performances:

Our first event we tried as a test run for a possible wrist event at Nationals is a strict (back against the wall)

curl with the Saxon Bar. Eric and Cody both got 100.7 lbs. in this event/feat. It's funny how we was guessing

prior to trying this event what would be a good lift and I mentioned that I believed 100 would be good and it turned out 100 was max for both of them. I opted out at 75 lbs. due to prior training on Friday but I love the lift and I can see 80-85 lbs. from myself on this with minimal training.

Next up was 2 hand pinch on the Saxon Bar (3" width) at 18" from the floor in a power rack. The reason we set it up like this is because my training room is upstairs and I can't have people dropping heavy weights onto the floor. So this event was a partial lift but still a very challenging feat indeed! Eric got a whopping 218 lbs. at this lift and Cody got 185 lbs. and has done 200 before in practice.

We took a dinner break around 8:30 were my wife made everyone homemade lazanga, salad, iced tea and banana pudding for desert. After getting our bellies good and tight we managed to get some grip dyno testing in before Eric left and Eric managed a 196 lb. average over a 3 attempts. Cody managed a 189 average but managed to get the highest squeeze of the night with 205 lbs. Eric's high number was 200 or 201. I can't remember which!

Only regret was we didn't ever get to experiment with my DDM rating system but that's something I'll be doing today and get some more grippers rated. If I can get 64 more grippers rated I will not only have the largest

gripper collection possibly ever but I will have the largest selection of rated grippers for sure at 200 grippers!

As always I have a great time and learn new things every time me and Eric meet up! If you ever come over to

visit you'll discover rather quickly why it's so easy to get side tracked from plans! When one initially sees the Grip Museum and the training room it's really quite overwhelming and you want to try so many things and ask so many questions that it's easy to run out of time and not even realize it! Eric left at 11:30 and we could have easily spent the rest of the night going over items in the museum and this would be without even touching upon

all the literature I've collected and all the pics I've accumulated! If you're ever in Texas it would be worth the effort to come and visit the Grip Museum and some good ole Texas hospitality! I never allow anyone to come and leave without a nice meal and often times a few grip goodies!

Thanks for your time!!!

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Very cool, Joe. I met Eric at nationals and he seemed like a very knowledgable and accomplished grip guy; especially in the wake of his incredible round of WRs. Thanks for sharing.

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Sounds like a very fun time Joe. Eric is a very cool and strong guy. I met Eric at Nationals for the first time and it was a lot of fun competing against him. He has a lot of great advice and knowledge. His advice was a big help on the 2HP that day. Joe your Grip Museum looks very cool. Thanks for sharing this story Joe.

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Other than than the Saxon Bar loaded to 175 for the Nationals medley, I had never tried the implement before. I really like the feel of it, and much prefer it the Euro Pinch. I like the fact it's more of a regular deadlift movement. It doesn't tear up your thumbs. And you can adjust the width of your grip to your liking.

Cody was strong as always, especially on grippers and dynamometer! Andy Joe's wife hit 120+ on the dynamometer. I was actually shocked by that.

The official Gripboard museum is lookin' pretty legit. Joe's going to need a room addition to house everything.

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