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Josh O'Dell

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Good stuff bro. Keep working hard. How often are you hitting grippers. Make sure not to overdue it. I know the things are addicting, but using them too often can lead to tendinitis and actually set back your training. I have been training them for 2 years straight and had to find that out the hard way.

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Thank you chez, I try to only hit the grippers once or twice a week sometimes i will try a goal gripper on a off day, I do alot of weightlifting and i have always worked my forearms, I have also used a wrist roller for years. But i have noticed its easy to over do grippers !! They are addicting.

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If I did grippers once or twice a week, I would have never made it to a COC 3, done the blob, or pinched two 45's. The hands can take a lot more. Just be careful and build up slowly when doing it.

Just another perspective. And, I am not alone. Think of the old blacksmith's....

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I agree with you and its funny you brought blacksmithing up cause i blacksmith for a hobbie;)

I appreciate your post Wannagrip.

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