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Sorinex Summer Strong Vi


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I got back yesterday after a 15 hour drive both to and from S. Carolina and it was worth every minute of every mile!

I'm now preparing some pics and a overall story and highlights of my visit and until then I would like to give credit

to Andrew Durniat for his outstanding seminar on Grip! Andrew had a "keep it simple" strategy for his presentation

and it was a WINNER! Shared some valuable insight from a true professional and athlete! Andrew never missed a

lick and answered all questions thrown at him with his humble and yet confident composure. I would like to also thank Andrew for asking me if I had anything to add or suggest at the end of his seminar! That was very classy of you Andrew and it meant a lot my friend! Totally wasn't expecting you to do that but it was a pleasant surprise!

At the after party at the Sorinex training facility Andrew displayed his tremendous grip and overall strength by doing

single handed DL's of over 450 lbs. Mind boggling indeed!!! Not to mention Andrew entered in the Cross Fit competition

without training for it and worked his way up to 3rd place and didn't get the handstand push ups! All I can say after watching

Andrew perform is that he is a lean, mean, athletic machine with a pair of the MIGHTIEST MITTS on earth!!!

Great job Andrew!!! You are awesome buddy!!!

I'll have more to say about others such as Brandon Gerber and a few of the trainers that spoke and share some stories

I think you'll enjoy!!!

MORE soon...

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I will have plenty to say as I'm about to head off to work about Summer Strong VI but what

many GB members may not realize is that me and Richard had never personally met until

Friday evening when me and my wife arrived at the hotel. We've been in contact by letters, phone calls,

etc. for over 22 years and finally met that day!!!

This was the highlight deluxe of my entire grip career!!! It was nearly an overwhelming feeling as I reached out to shake Richard's hand and hug him! Most awesome feeling!

Below is a pic of me and Richard seconds after we met and another is when we are in his office going over hundreds

of grippers. Richard is holding his original #3 cert gripper and I'm holding a Phantom 4 of which I used to own and

donated to the Stark Museum in Austin Texas over 2 decades ago!

Lastly, me and my wife have never been treated so kindly and generously as Richard and Bert treated us. People in South Carolina have to be some of the friendliest people on the planet.

MORE soon...



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It won't let me view the pictures Joe. I look forward to a more detailed write-up!

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If you guys that are interested care to look me up on Facebook I have posted many photos and mini stories

about my visit. It's difficult to post pics here so I will have to wait till this weekend to get this done along with a story.

I'm playing catch up big time!!!

MORE this weekend!!!

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