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Addition To The Sorinex Stable

Jake Brooks

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Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jake Brooks and I am fairly new to the grip game, but I believe I am in a great atmosphere to learn about it. I started a new job with Richard and Bert Sorin at Sorinex Exercise Equip. about a month and a half ago and have made some great advances in my grip strength thus far.

Some Stats:

Closed a Silver Spring #2 that for 10 years sat at a gas station along with a #3 as a challenge. In 10 years the #2 was closed once.

Have come within an eigth of an inch several times with a #3 gripper.

Lifted a replica of the Dinnie Stone @411lbs. a total of 5 times. Picture on Sorinex.com soon to come.

Apollons axle curl of 155 x 4.

New Iron mind pinch Grip Block lift of 47 lbs.

I am really excited about my job and my tranning and if I go about them with the same intensity everything will be A-OK.

Thanks for letting me share, I look forward to help or suggestions from any one


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Good to meet you Jake. Everybody here is always glad to see a new face. :D

I hope you like your new job. :cool


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Hia Jake and welcome.

Well you couldn,t ask for a better Inspirator/mentor/teacher/trainer/boss :rock than Richard Sorin.

I,m shure well be hearin big things from you soon.

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Jake..Welcome to the grip board.

So Bert pays you to lift weights all day.

That must be the best job ever.

I am gonna kill my guidance counselor.


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Welcome aboard the Grippin Train! I like your enthusiasm.

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Welcome and good luck with your training.


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everything will be A-OK

Hey BUCKAROO, while you're at it, can you put up my pics too (The 3" FATBOY Dumbbell clean and the others that Bertamus has)

:D ,


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All of those stats that were given were done in Richards office. He has a virtual grip museum that he works out of everyday. The greatest thing is that the equipment is all still functional and working. He must have 15 to 20 different ways to humble a man in his office. Cool Stuff

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Jake....What do you do at Sorinex besides lift weights ?

Just wonderin.

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I have only been here a little over a month so right now I am still learning the ropes. There is alot of time spent on the phone, lots of logisticle work, getting equipment where it needs to be when it needs to be there. Sales, Research and Development also play a big role in the job as well. Sorinex is not a large company so the people that work here have to be able to do what ever it takes to get the job done.

Besides that we lift alot and throw the hammer alot.


Doggonit Get On It :rock

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