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Made 2 Plate Loaded Farmers Walks Over Easter.


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Actually I helped my dad make them for me. They are made from some metal pipe that has an exterior of 1.75 or 1.875 (I forget which) but is just the right width for loading olympic plates. He welded a bead around the pipes create a loading area of 1ft on either end. They have a total length of 5ft long. 2 holes were cut into each pipe for the handle supports in which were welded a nut the fit the 3/4in threaded bar that we used to make the supports for the handles. The handles themselves are thick handles made from the same size pipe. They have holes cut through them which large washers welded onto them capping either side. You mount them by have in a nut screwed down on the support bars at the height you on either side. You then slide your handle down as far as the nut and then add another nut to hold the handles in place. They actually turned out pretty light weight(one is 18.8lb and the other 17.8lb, I'll be adding some extra nuts to the light one to make them the same). I got them home last night and loaded only one up( I only have one 255lb set of Oylmpic plates at home). I was able to lift one handed 198lbs with either hand although I was loosing my grip really quickly. Right now the handles are a bit slick to get a good grip cause the pipe has no knurling. I think I'll get some sandpaper to roughen them up a bit.

I'll post some pics for you guys in a day or two once I get around to getting some weights to load them and having my girlfriend take the pics.

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Great bars!! Nicely pre-weathered by the looks of them. ;)


My dad got 30-40ft worth of pipe pieces for cheap at a junkyard. I think I'll spraypaint it to make it look a little better when I have time.

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