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Armaid Review

Bill Piche

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I am a big believer in foam rolling and the benefits it gives a lifter/athlete. In fact, foam rolling has has saved me 100's of dollars in continuing doc fees for lower back pain. Every athlete should be doing it. I do it twice a day. When done properly it is self trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage. I do it TWICE a day in fact. No more lower back pain. I get at least 24hrs of additional recovery time. If you aren't doing it, you are truly missing the boat.

For the best roller out there, you can get it from Sorinex here: http://store.sorinex.com/RumbleRoller-p/rr-1.htm

When I saw the ArmAid, you can bet I was pretty excited. One issue I had with foam rolling at the start was that I soon "outgrew" the typical foam roller (which is why I recommend the Rumble Roller!) because it was not hard enough. With the ArmAid, the inventor hit a homerun right out of the gate with respect to the design and enabling beginning to very advanced levels of pressure. I have used it now for several days religiously and just like when I started foam rolling in a short time my forearms are in a much better state. Recovery is definitely enhanced and the relief felt is spectacular. Unlike the legs and lower back muscles (can you say lower back pain!), you are not likely to get an indication that your forearms are knotted up with trigger points. Well, I was shocked the first time I used it. Be careful though not to overdue it at first with the intensity until your body gets used to the deep tissue massage.

If you are a serious grip guy or gal, this needs to be in your arsenal for recovery. I just wish I had it 10 years ago. Be sure to make it part of your routine forever more and you won't be sorry.


And, get the Rumble Roller and use it DAILY. Every day!

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NICE review here Bill!

I got mine yesterday and the excitement is mutual!

Did my first session yesterday with Armaid and instantly fell in love with this device!!!

Home run for sure!!!

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I won an ArmAid at Nationals Saturday. I thought it would be perfect for my wife's forearm ailments, and she's lovin' it. I'm very impressed with the design and intend to try it soon. Thanks, Richard!

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