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Cool Sale Going On - Never Done This Before

Jedd Johnson

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I am including a copy of the November 2011 issue of Powerlifting USA with all DVD orders today (provided I have them in stock).

Here is the email I sent through my newsletter this morning:

You've gotta love finding stuff you forgot you had.
I just popped open a mystery box in my office and
found a stack of about 12 copies of Powerlifting
USA from November 2011.
These were sent to me because I penned an article
on grip strength for the magazine.
The cover story is Gene Rychlak announcing his
retirement from powerlifting competition.
If you are not familiar with Rychlak, in December
of 2006 he Bench Pressed over 1000 lbs. He had
to stop competing due to a heart condition.
There's also plenty of other cool articles, recipes,
and competition reports in the magazine, as well
as an Elvis impersonator demonstrating the
Hip Belt Lift. Who better to demonstrate hip actions,
I will be holding onto one copy, since I have an
article in there, but the other 12 or so copies, I
want to pass on to you, my DIESEL friends.
So, while supplies last, the next 15 or so people
who purchase DVD's will get a copy of these
magazines for no additional cost.
The only "string attached" is that it must be a DVD
that I have in stock.
Here are your possible selections:
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
This DVD covers nail and short steel bending done
in a non-braced style, meaning you bend it with
hand and wrist strength primarily and not by focing
it against your body.
One of the most physically demanding forms of
bending, horseshoe bending has been done by
performing strongmen for well over 100 years.
This DVD covers short-, mid-, and long-bar bending
done in the braced style, which enables you to bend
serious steel. Also covered are wrenches, frying pans
and other odd objects.
Everything you need to know for the most common
strongman events is covered in this DVD as well as
how to stay injury free with proper warm-up and
recovery practices.
Stone lifting is a staple event in strongman competition
and a favorite training means for many strength enthusiasts.
We show you the basic techniques for lifting atlas
stones plus advanced techniques only seasoned veterans
Learn how to make high quality atlas stones from the
man who has made more stones than anyone else walking
the planet, Steve Slater.
This is a documentary-style DVD showing my training
in the Fall and Winter of 2009 as I made my successful
run at breaking the Two Hands Pinch world record
for the first time.
If you coach athletes or play sports yourself, then
knee injuries is a worry. This DVD shows Jerry Shreck's
time-tested program he uses at Bucknell University
for all his athletes.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
In addition, if you are interested in buying 2 or more
DVD's from the list above, shoot me an email and I
will knock 10% off your purchase.
If you've never bought anything from me before, I
ship fast! Plus, my local Post Office is open until
6:30PM, so I am fully prepared to have all of these
out of here before the sun sets!
Remember, this is while supplies last, and I only have
12 copies of the magazine, so don't put it off too long.
All the best in your training.
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