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My New Friend The Sledge


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Well it is safe to say now that after 4 weeks of sledge hammer levering i am inlove with it! :D i have been seeing the benefits of the movement. i can lever an 8 lb by the very end for 2 reps. this takes a gooood warm up and all i have. when i can do about 7 full reps in each hand i will add wieght. i perchased a sledge from walmart, with a wooden handle. i took a wood burner and marked the handle in 6 positions the width of my fist. this alowed for good progress, and helps in a warm up. i seem to be gaining strength fast with the levering. i also have noticed the small muscle, ligament, btween the thumb and the fore finger is tougher and can handle more pain! something the CoCs did not do.

i recomend this to all who do not lever. but, i think most of you do :rolleyes

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There's something about it..........you go to the garage for somethng small, or get something from the car...........and you see the sledges standing on end in the corner..........you think, "Awe, what the heck, I've got 2 or three minutes.........have another go at 'em.'

They are fun. It's also 'fun' to practice 'weaver lifts' with them, too, when lifting them. It not the same length as a true weaver stick lift, but the weight and movement provide great training and resistance. ;)

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My name is Eric, and I... I am a Sledge-aholic.

After I bought my first sledge, it's been a whole new world for me. First the 10, then the 12, then the 16... It's just so fun to play with it. The feeling across your hand, wrist, forearm, upper arm and shoulder, all combined is incredible. For me, it's as if every single rep is makeing me a stronger person. I love it, and can't get enough of it. It will be my favorite grip excercise 'till I die.

If any one hasn't bought a sledge yet, do so immediatly. :)

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How's this for a Sledge-aholic, I'm in Costco today (warehouse food store) and I see 2 old 8-pound sledges in the corner. I just want to go and pick them up and lever them. Somehow I pulled myself away. Of couse, these are not for sale so there's no reasonable excuse to pick one up. I frequently lever the hammers in Home Depot (just testing then out).

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I did the same thing when I picked out my 10 lb. sledge.

My 8 lb has the 'yellow' poly handle, and it feels 'OK'. But for the 10, I wanted a thicker 'feel' in the handle. Took me a while and a number of visits to different stores to find a good 10 lb with a wood handle. After pulling them all out and trying front and some side levers (handle not really at shoulder height because it would've been too many reps and by that time I would have clocked myself and I didn't want to hear "Mel, clean up in aisle 5 by the sledges!")...............I found the right one. The wood handle actually has a curve in it. Hard to describe, but it actually puts some torque in the movement that puts a little extra pressure on the wrist.

Right now I use the protecto sleeve to secure any extra weight, but in the near future I'm going to do your modification that you published on your site. Thanks, again, for that article.

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