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Brookfield's Performances


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I would love to see one of John Brookfield's strength shows and maybe meet the man. Does anyone know how I can find out information on the wheres and whens?

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I think that many of his seminars are held in prisons and/or jails. That's one way to see him. Free room and board too ;)


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Now *THAT was funny. :laugh:laugh

I've had the honor of seeing him perform once.It was spectacular AND at the time i didn't realize WHAT or WHO i was watching.

I've posted this before but I shook his hand and it was normal sized and not even as 'rough' as mine.

What he does.with his relatively small hands and body?.stealing and paraphrazing from Phil Pfisters quote on the Xtreme website..is 'otherworldly'..

IF I'm not careful i could be watching one of his shows for free someday :whistel

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I asked my wife if I could steal a car or something in North Carolina but she said no. :angry: She always ruins my fun. Anybody know of a LEGAL or at least only slightly immoral way I can see Brookfield?

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Come to the AOBS in June. Rumor is he'll be there.... :happy

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